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YouTube Studio

My webmaster services under one year contract includes monthly credit you may apply towards YouTube business video productions in my studio.  When done right, this service is highly effective to professionals in sales, real estate, home improvement industry, small business owners and others.  I recommend each video production to be no less than 3 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.

Vimeo versions of the videos I create for you are free from distracting advertising by 3rd parties.  You can also have your Vimeo videos set-up so they may only be embedded on your own website, social media and other online locations you approve.  4K video production with all the bells & whistles.  Includes background music when desired, customized overlay with your own logo, website address, phone number, etc.  I recommend Vimeo video embeds on your website and other internet marketing.  YouTube videos to reach a greater audience.  All included in price.

One year Webmaster Services contract starts at $300 a month.  Includes website maintenance, ongoing search engine optimization, social media maintenance and monthly credit towards increasing services or providing other services determined month-to-month when they may best serve you. 

YouTube/Vimeo Studio for business video productions.


Take my business card below with you.  Scan the QR code below to conveniently add me to your phone contact list.  To exchange cards, please email your card to me.  Thank you.